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Wedding Temporary Tattoos with Art by Angelique Houtkamp


I am so absolutely in love with these wedding temporary tattoos. The artwork was created by Amsterdam tattoo artist, Angelique Houtkamp. It was a commissioned and customized for Kirsty and Oz’s wedding, then submitted to Buttonhead to make the temporary tattoo wedding favors. I was so totally impressed with how they turned out, I couldn’t help taking a photo before packing them up. The line art is fascinating, and the coloring has great depth and style. What a wicked way to celebrate your wedding!

6 thoughts on “Wedding Temporary Tattoos with Art by Angelique Houtkamp

  1. These designs are incredible!

  2. I’ve never heard of this tattoo artist before. I really like her work.

    1. Same here. Her style is really unique.

  3. The black and pink rose looks cool!

    1. That one is my favorite too!

  4. Those are beautiful, really cute idea, too.

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