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Rockabilly Wedding Favors

Buttonhead has been making rockabilly wedding favors since long before we even knew what rockabilly was! Over the years, clients have mentioned they were looking for rockabilly wedding favors and found our temporary tattoos by chance. After seeing all of the creative photos and getting a clearer idea of the style vibe, we realized it’s a match made in heaven!


When we first started making custom temporary tattoos in 2008, we offered 3 available designs: A heart, a swallow, and a rose. All these years later, those are still our top 3 most-requested designs. So, we put together a non-customized version of this temporary tattoos collection at a bit of a discounted rate. Each design is full-color, fabulous, and perfectly symbolic for the occasion.

‘True Love’ Heart
By far, the single heart temporary tattoo design has been the most popular. With a message of true love in the banner, this tat is an absolute classic.

‘Harmony’ Swallow
In popular culture, the swallow tattoo represents love, loyalty, and safe harbor. A creature of perfect harmony!

‘Forever’ Red Rose
The symbolism of the red rose tattoo with ‘Forever’ emblazoned on the banner is a wonderful wedding sentiment. May your love be as exquisite today as many years from now.


These sets are available in sets of 12 (with 4 of each design) for orders up to 150. Just click the photo to check out the pricing and packaging options in our Etsy shop!