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Introducing Button Collectors Edition Sets

Everybody loves buttons! They are a fun and inexpensive way to splurge for yourself or your friends. Over the past few months, Buttonhead has seen an increase in orders for our random pin mix. So, this led me to the idea of developing quarterly button collectors limited edition sets (of 10 pins). We’ve been phasing out our single button offerings for years now, so this is a good way to keep the tradition alive, while offering our customers something new and fresh!

These button collectors limited edition sets will be released quarterly in February, May, August, and November.  Be sure to find us on Facebook/Twitter and sign up for our e-mail newsletter to be notified when the new set has arrived.

2014 Winter Collection – New Sets released quarterly – Old sets are forever banished!

The Winter collection includes design styles ranging from geeky – to thoughtful – to retro – to sweet. The splatter paint rose and the velociraptor are my personal favorite (not sure what that says about me…). The again, you can’t beat a gentleman in a top hat, so that one is pretty high on the list of favorites too.

2014 Winter Collection – New sets in February, May, August, and November.

Each collection is designed for a healthy mix of styles and personalities. We want you to have the option to give them to friends as a little gift or keep every last one of them for yourself. I mean, we totally understand if you can’t bare to part with a single one!

Be sure to stay in touch to see the new sets as they are released! Each set will be available only for a limited time, so when the new one is out, the old one will be forever banished. FOREVER!

2 thoughts on “Introducing Button Collectors Edition Sets

  1. Um, I’m kind of falling in love with the guy in the top hat! LOL. How many sets of these do you have?

    1. Yes! I love that one too, Annie. Right now, we have 10 sets of these bad boys. Be sure to pick one up before they’re forever gone! 😛

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