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Temporary Tattoo Wedding Favors


This week alone, we’ve made 3 huge sets of these temporary tattoo wedding favors!

Even though we’ve been making the tats since 2008, the custom packaging is a fairly new thing. Over the years, I’ve tested a few different prototypes, but this year, I finally settled on the gorgeous packaging style you see here. I love the color and texture of the kraft card. It really compliments the fashion of the tattoos. Plus, the neutral coloring works well with virtually any wedding theme.

Each design has to be mirrored on the transfer paper in order to apply properly to the skin. That’s why the text appears backwards on the tattoo itself. So, the added beauty of the packaging card is that it displays a non-mirrored version of the design. This way, your guests can see the full glory of the image before diving in. It also gives the opportunity for the bride and groom to add a personalized message to the finished favor. Plus, everyone loves having something to open! It’s like a gift for the guests!


We have 8 different personalized designs to choose from, so you don’t even have to create your own artwork…. unless you want to! We also work with customer-submitted images, which is a cool twist to see. I have a feeling we’re going to be making a lot more of these this year. I’ll definitely keep you posted with lots of photos!