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Tax Deductible Expenses For Your Biz

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Did you know that promotional items for your business may quality for a tax deduction? Now is an awesome time to make a few strategic purchases for your business and save as many tax dollars as possible. We offer a wide selection of customizable goods to help you promote your business and boost your brand. Visit our website, click around, and let us know what we can do to help.

Here’s wishing you much success and growth this year and beyond!

6 thoughts on “Tax Deductible Expenses For Your Biz

  1. Do I really have to start thinking about taxes already? I know the answer is yes, but I don’t want it to be! I’m such a procrastinator when it comes to this. I hate number crunching (and to think – I used to be good at it).

    1. I know! I try to be ahead of the game every year, so there are no surprises from the tax man!

  2. great tip! i didn’t know that, but it’s definitely useful info to have. wish i knew this when i was running my etsy shop!

    1. Thanks, May! Maybe this year would be a good time to start up the Etsy shop again?

  3. I have never done well enough to think about tax deductions for the business, but this post is quite timely, as I am hoping to change that in 2015. Always nice to get tips and tricks from others. Happy New Year! Keep up the blogging!


    1. Thanks for your comment, Mitch! I hope 2015 is a super successful year for you!

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