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New Temporary Tattoo Instruction Inserts


We’ve got some exciting new plans for our temporary tattoo line this year: More design options, more packaging options, and more customizations!

To kick off the project, I decided to revise the styling on the tattoo instructions. In case you’re new to Buttonhead: We’ve been making custom temporary tattoo party favors since 2008. Each tat is individually packaged with a set of instructions for application and removal. In 7 years, we’ve never really changed the base design of the instruction sheet. I’d say it was overdue for a facelift.

True, the change is not earth-shattering… but I do think the font is much more chic and easy-to-read. It has less of a ‘tribal’ vibe, which fits better with the types of tattoo artwork we create and produce. At the end of the day, we want the wicked tattoo art to stand out first and foremost, not the boring instruction sheet.

All orders placed from here on will include the new design. I’ll be working my way through updating the product photos, although that may take some time… because, you know, 7 years worth of photos and all.

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  1. Looking good ali!

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