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Meet Jolian


So, you’ve met Little Buttonhead and you’ve met Buns. Now it’s time to meet another character in the LB universe: Jolian. When he’s not busy building robots in his parent’s garage, he can usually be found riding around town on Grimcart (his latest invention). Jolian’s dry personality and witty-sarcastic one-liners make the perfect counterpart to Little Buttonhead’s sunny enthusiasm. However, according to Buns, there may be a something more to Jolian’s making fun of Little Buttonhead. Perhaps a first crush?

6 thoughts on “Meet Jolian

  1. Bighed? Me thinks there is a double entendre there?

    1. Ah haaaa…. Perhaps!

  2. I have Alien Robot Comic #1 too!!!! 😛

    1. It’s so elusive!

  3. Buns is a little creepy with her secret agent photo taking, no?

    1. Let’s not let her hear you saying that! You may be next on the list!

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