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I Love Quilting Buttons Pins With a Heart – Quiltcon Pin Swap


We recently made these I Love Quilting button pins with a heart for the Quiltcon pin swap. How cute are they?! We’ve been getting a ton of requests for Quiltcon Buttons Pins Swap over the past few weeks. I think the I Heart Quilting idea is a fun idea for a pin exchange at the convention.

I can also think of a million other funny phrases to use too! Like these:

  • Keep Calm and Quilt On
  • When Life Throws You Scraps… Make a Quilt!
  • Quilt ‘Til You Wilt!
  • Will Work for Fabric
  • Born To Quilt

If you’d like to have a set of your own for this year’s event, just click the contact button to chat — or click the photo to place an order now. You can purchase a custom design and write a ‘design note’ during checkout to let me know what type of style you’d like to try.

4 thoughts on “I Love Quilting Buttons Pins With a Heart – Quiltcon Pin Swap

  1. Rats! I should have got some of these for myself last week. Is it too late now?

    1. There’s always next year! As long as we get started about a week in advance, we can definitely have the buttons to you in time with standard (cheapo) shipping. Looking forward to working with you, Ms. Mary!

  2. So cute! I didn’t even know there was going to be a pin swap.

  3. I’ve never been to Quiltcon but i have been quilting for 40 years. My grandmother taught me one summer and I haven’t stopped ssince!

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