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Mini Interview with Ali


This is the dorky lady who helps make your buttons!

Name: Ali

Title: Owner and Operator, Buttonhead

Likes: photography, graphic design, antiques, Jeff Bridges

Dislikes: paper cuts, loud noises, Jeff Daniels

Plans for the future:  We have a lot planned for 2015! Right now, my main focus is to continue to grow our business by reinvigorating the current product line, then by expanding our wedding and party goods. I’d also maybe like to take a vacation day sometime too!

Best piece of business advice: Don’t become discouraged if you don’t succeed right away. Persistence will force you to innovate!

Any other words of wisdom? Find your passion, follow it, and never give up!

Contact Ali anytime! Don’t be shy. She’s nice! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Mini Interview with Ali

  1. Cute pic, Ali! You and your business are inspiring. 🙂

  2. I totally agree with your business advice here. I run a small home business, and it’s been slow to start. Sometimes I have to tell myself to keep going and keep trying new things. I wholeheartedly believe it will pay off eventually.

  3. Nice to see you Ali! We’ve chatted a dozen times but i don’t think I’ve ever seen your face!!!

  4. Ali, It’s so nice to getting to know you better – Thanks for sharing!

  5. Hey, great advice ! I needed to hear it too because I’m just starting out.

    1. Yes! We all have to start somewhere. Here’s wishing you lots of business growth for 2015!

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