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Easy Design Your Own Save the Date Magnets on Etsy

Super exciting announcement:  Buttonhead is now offering easy design your own save the date magnets on Etsy!


We’ve been making save the date magnets for years.  For 2015, I wanted to develop a product (and a process) for my clients who like seeing a variety of options — and choosing their own customizations.  The new easy design your own save the date magnets on Etsy offers you the choice of border art, font, and color.   There are dozens to choose from and a hundreds of possible combinations!

What I like most about this product is:  Customers who want to keep it simple have an easy path to placing an order.  At the same time, there is a lot of flexibility for detail-oriented customers to get exactly what they want.

Currently, there are 12 different border designs to choose from, 12 fonts, and 28 colors.  Of course, we can always use other artwork, fonts, or colors.  Complete personalization is what we DO.  I am happy to work with anyone to create the Save the Date magnets that will perfectly match their wedding or event style.

Although we are piloting this product right now, I do have plans to add other ‘Design Your Own’ style products to the Etsy shop.  I will also be keeping an eye on which designs, fonts, and colors are most popular.  As we continue to hone the product, I may mix it up a bit more.

Check out Buttonhead Wedding on Etsy to learn more and see our other wedding offerings.  If you’re shopping for save the date magnets, but need something specific, we can help with that too!  As always, we make custom magnets in 3 different sizes with complete personalization for weddings, parties, and events.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.  It’s always helpful to hear your feedback!

3 thoughts on “Easy Design Your Own Save the Date Magnets on Etsy

  1. Ooh! My niece is having a 16th birthday party this summer. Can you make these for birthdays or is it just for weddings?

    1. Absolutely! I actually just made a set of these for a quinceanera last week. Any event that needs a save the date magnet — we can make it happen! Contact me anytime. 🙂

  2. I love the option for designing your own buttons! I’m glad you’re now offering this, and I bet you’ll get a ton of orders for these.

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