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December 2014 Freebie Button

December 2014 Freebie Button
Everybody loves free stuff, right?

Each month I create a totally exclusive freebie button to include with every order. It’s just a small way for me to say thanks for your support. This month, we’re celebrating the new year… a little early! Hey, I wanted everyone to receive this mini button in plenty of time for the big day. So, let’s party it up! Why waste time saying goodbye to 2014. Onward into 2015, I say!  ONWARD!

7 thoughts on “December 2014 Freebie Button

  1. I had left you a comment here already, but I don’t see it anywhere…

    Well, I love your freebie. The button is pretty cool for graduating seniors too!
    I like your website (you’ve changed it since I visited awhile back), and it looks great. =0)

  2. These are adorable 🙂 What a cute accessory to have to bring in the new year!!

  3. I’m already thinking to 2015 too. Cute buttons. I’m trying to think up freebies to go with my orders, too.

  4. Lovely button! I’m ready for 2015!! 😀

  5. Lovely buttons! They look like chocolate!

    1. Haha. I *wish* they were chocolate!

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