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Cute Name Tag Stickers

I’m so excited to announce our brand new line of Buttonhdead designer name tag stickers!

Joel, the production guy/husband, had the great idea of creating a line of blank name tag stickers as an affordable ice-breaker for anyone throwing a party or event. As the designer, I decided to twist the old ‘Hello My Name Is’ artwork into something fresh and fun that people would actually WANT to wear. Woah! Name tags that don’t suck?! Check ’em out:

Party Name Tags

Bright, bold, and vaguely Uno-inspired! These party name tags come in a selection of outstanding stripey colors.


Conference and Event

Planning a conference or event? These blank name tag stickers are guaranteed to add just a touch of fun to your meeting.


Bridal Shower and Wedding

And let’s not forget our bridal shower and wedding name tags! We have 5 modern styles to choose from.


Baby Shower

If you’re looking for cute baby shower name tags, we also have this adorable polka dot design. Your choice of pink, blue, or yellow colors!



Since our party temporary tattoos have been so popular, we decided to create a set of funny bachelorette party name tags. These ladies are loaded to the max with hot pink ink and diamond bling!


Making these has been so much fun, and we’re looking forward to seeing where this idea will lead in the future. Stay tuned for more designs! I have some funny Christmas name tag ideas in mind for the holidays. 😉