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Digital Print Color Management

From Screen to Print
This neon green graphic looks great on my computer screen! I’m going to print it out and hang it on my wall. *Print Print* Bummer! My neon green looks like puke green in print. What happened?!

Never fear. Buttonhead is here to break down the basics of print color management for you. This article will explain the differences between screen and print color, discuss printing processes, and offer solutions on how to manage your workflow to get the best possible print color result. Continue reading Digital Print Color Management

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Image Resolution, Print Size, and Print Quality

Why Does Image Resolution Matter?
Have you ever saved an internet image and tried to print it on your home computer? The image looks huge on your computer screen, but it looks tiny on paper! Why?! The answer is: Image resolution and size. This article will briefly explain the basics about image resolution, how it affects print size, and what you can do to ensure the best possible quality of your print images.

Continue reading Image Resolution, Print Size, and Print Quality