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Buttonhead Branding Updates


Buttonhead has a new look! You may have noticed recently that my logo and listing photos have been given a ‘facelift’. My business has changed quite a lot since it started in 2008. I think these changes can be seen in the evolution of my logo over the years. The Buttonhead logo story is an interesting one. In 2008, I started with a simple twist on a self portrait photo. I was never happy with the limitations of using a photo image, so in 2011, I created a digital design based on the photo. At the time, my graphic skills were limited. I didn’t have much experience with vector drawing, which resulted in un-even lines, trouble with symmetry, and an overall logo that I liked, but did not love. Don’t get me wrong. The 2011 version certainly has it’s charm. There’s something ‘ugly’ about it that I do still like. However, this year in 2013, I began preparations for securing the trademark for my business name and mark. I hesitantly decided to re-draw the artwork and apply the two years of graphic experience I had gained. The difference is obvious. To me, the new logo is softer, more friendly, and speaks to my growth as an artist and entrepreneur. In addition to the logo changes, I also licensed a new font for my business name when written as text, and I made some slight color adjustments. Overall, I’m very pleased with the updates. I hope the branding will stay in place and last for many years to come. I feel proud to have this image represent where I am today and how far I’ve come.

What do you think of the new artwork? Please feel free to leave a comment and let me know your opinion!