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90s Birthday Party Theme Favors Buttons


Check out these 90’s birthday party theme favor buttons we made for Lauren’s 21st bash!

These custom button pins were designed with a hip hop inspired style. The multi-color neon splatter paint and graffiti writing totally capture the essence of the pre-grunge early 90’s. The funny thing is: We first started out working on a grunge-style design with red and black plaid and the iconic Nirvana smiley, but then we switched directions. Hey, I’m a huge fan of 90’s grunge — but for a birthday party, I think the hip hop style is a lot more fun. Am I right?!

2 thoughts on “90s Birthday Party Theme Favors Buttons

  1. Good call on the hip hop style! BRB: Grabbing my boombox and my neon tights. Still can’t wrap my head around 90s nostalgia. Like, it wasjust the year 2000 yesterday I swear!

    1. Everything comes back around. Everyone will be wearing neon tights and carrying a boom box next spring! Haha

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