Your Design Sample – Sticker Label (SL2)

Since the design is on a white background, a grey border will represent the label edge.

Size: 2 inches

Design FAQ

If you’re not already familiar with the topic, please read my article on Digital Print Color Management prior to submission. If you have special print considerations, it’s important to control your design workflow and for us to communicate early. Please always be aware that digital color is not the same as ink, color may appear differently on one monitor versus another, color is relative, and the same color printed by one vendor may be different from the color printed by another. If you have concerns about color matching, I always recommend starting with a single sample and/or sending a swatch for testing (additional fees will apply).

If you purchased a custom design, we want to work with you to make it great! We will gladly make any specific changes you’d like, although we do kindly ask that you limit it to 2 rounds of revision. Typically, graphic designers charge per hour with higher fees. We prefer to make strategic edits when necessary, so that I can keep the pricing as low as possible for you. Please be aware, if revisions exceed 2 rounds, we may request a fee to compensate for the extra time.

Each custom design is created (and priced) as a single-use graphic to help customers get the artwork they need to create personalized buttons, magnets, mirrors, stickers, and/or temporary tattoos. Very sorry, but the artwork is not included with the order or for sale.