Temporary Tattoo Wedding Favors

Under 50

Guaranteed To Ship In: 
Less than 500 Qty6-10 business days
501-5,000 Qty1 business day per 65

Easy Ordering

Step 1: Select your Design option and Quantity below

Step 2: Personalize our art or Attach your own print file

Step 3: Add to Cart and Place Your Order

You will receive a preview to revise or approve within 1 business day.

    File Requirements:

    • One unique file per set (but 'Add to Cart' as many sets as you'd like).
    • No changes needed. (ie: adding/removing text, color, or other elements).
    • No crop marks, guidelines, or notes on the print image.
    • Preferred formats: .png .jpg .psd .ai .eps .pdf
    • Preferred dimensions: 300 dpi with full canvas at 2.5”
    • (max file size 64 MB)

    Your non-mirrored design will be displayed on the packaging card with this text included.

    • Include any comments about your file.
    • If art is already on file, describe for reference.


Customer Reviews

Our guests loved them!

Our custom tattoos turned out great and made for some really cool photos! The turnaround time was extremely quick, the tattoos were high quality, and overall communication was easy. I will absolutely be purchasing again!

Desiree Fletcher

I was very pleased with the packaging and the tattoos.

I had a great experience shopping with Buttonhead. Super communication. Thank you!

Lauren Harvey

Even shipped earlier than expected!

The temporary tattoos turned out great and were a hit!! Really a fun product and process – highly recommend.



I want to add my text to ONE Buttonhead tattoo design.

Sweet! There are 8 designs to choose from. Just decide which 1 you like best, and use the drop-down box to select your favorite one by name. You can also personalize and select packaging options. When your order has been placed, we will be in touch within 1 business day to confirm and show you a sample. Production will begin when you are happy with the final artwork.

I have ONE image of my own.

Perfect! Set up of one image is included with purchase. All you have to do is attach your file and place the order. We will be in touch within 1 business day to confirm and/or show you a sample of the print setup. You will, of course, have a chance to revise and approve the setup before production begins.

I have/need MORE THAN ONE photo or image.

Since each image needs to be sized and set-up individually, we treat each image as it’s own order – but you can order multiple sets, and we can ship them together! For instance, you could ‘Add to Cart’ 50 tattoos for your first ready-file, then ‘Add to Cart’ 75 tattoos for your second ready-file, and so on.


At this time, we are NOT able to accept requests for new, original graphic tattoo art. If you are looking for a ‘from scratch’ tattoo design, there are a ton of amazing artists out there who can help you create exactly what you need. Just try searching ‘custom tattoo design’ on Etsy. Of course, when your artwork is finished, we would love to make your temporary tattoos!

One exception: We CAN help you create a basic text-only design, modify an existing Buttonhead design, or make a minor edit to your existing file. Just send a message and request a quote!


Mirroring: Each finished tattoo image will appear horizontally flipped or ‘mirrored’ while still on the transfer paper prior to application. Once the instructions have been followed and the tattoo applied, it will be oriented correctly (and beautifully!) on the skin. All mirroring takes place during production. If submitting your own artwork, there is no need to flip your design prior to submission.

No White Ink: There is no white ink in our temporary tattoos. Any white areas of a design will apply as clear. If a substantial part of your design has a white area, we recommend just using some creative grey shading, just like the classic tattoo art we’ve all come to know and love.

Supplies Needed: Scissors (for best results), a Sponge or Towel, Water, and a Hair Dryer (optional).

Caution: Use of a temporary tattoo is not intended for children under age 12, individuals who are pregnant, nursing, have sensitive skin, or are allergic to medical grade glue. The tattoos are made with medical grade glue and all non-toxic ingredients, but children and pregnant women tend to have more sensitive skin. Under no circumstances will we sell these tattoos if we are aware of an unintended use.

Product Description

We’ve been been making custom-packaged temporary tattoo wedding favors since 2008. Never have they looked so amazing! Your guests will flip for this fabulous and completely unique idea. Trust us, everyone will have a blast rocking their new tats. Your photos will be out of this world!

Favor Size: ~3×5″
Tattoo Size: 2.5″