Sugar Skull Wedding Favors Temporary Tattoos (Set of 12)

$12.00 / Basic Packaging
$25.00 / Dress It Up

  • Sold in sets of 12 only. Purchase as many sets as you'd like!
  • 1 image as pictured
  • Tattoo size: 2.5 inch
  • Total favor size: 4×3 inch (Basic), 5×3 inch (Dress It Up)
Guaranteed To Ship In:Basic PackagingDress It Up
Less than 200 Qty1-2 business days2-4 business days
201-5,000 Qty1 business day per 2001 business day per 65
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Perfect for our wedding!

The tattoos arrived quickly and everyone loved them. Thank you so much!


They look even better in person

The tattoos actually looked real and our guests were chatting about them all night! Our photos turned out awesome, and I couldn’t be happier. I would definitely order again for my sister’s wedding and birthdays too.

Meg Watson

Our wedding tattoo parlor was awesome!

Your tattoos were a big hit with our family and friends. We set up a tattoo booth for everyone to get inked, and they had a blast. Thank you for being a part of our wedding!

Monica Moore

Product Description

‘Til death do you part! These sugar skull wedding favors will make a wicked addition to your reception. The temporary tattoos feature a totally original bride and groom design. Your guests will love rockin’ their new tats for your photos!

Our Product and Process

Buttonhead has been around since 2007, and our temporary tattoos have been on the menu since 2008. Each tattoo is individually packaged with a set of easy-to-follow instructions for application and removal. With good care, they can last up to one week, but are easily removed at any time. Artwork is professionally color laser printed by a trained graphic designer and certified print specialist. Each and every tattoo is hand-cut, hand-assembled, and inspected by human eyeballs. We’re all about high-quality items, easy ordering, friendly interaction, and fast production. Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of other tattoo makers come and go, but we’re still here for a reason. We do it RIGHT.

Packaging Options

Each and every tattoo arrives to you individually packaged with a set of instructions. We call it ‘Basic Packaging’.

For weddings, parties, and events, we can also ‘Dress It Up’ to add flair and a finishing touch to your tattoo favors. First, we create a personalized tan color card, which displays a non-mirrored version of your tattoo art. Each card is precision-cut, scored, hand-folded in half, and securely stapled to the top of the tattoo bag. The finished favor is bona fide fabulous!

Image Mirroring

Each finished tattoo image will appear horizontally flipped or ‘mirrored’ while still on the transfer paper prior to application. Once the instructions have been followed and the tattoo applied, it will be oriented correctly (and beautifully!) on the skin.

Color Considerations

We do our best to represent product color as accurately as possible, but it’s a tricky thing. Have you ever noticed how color can look one way on your computer screen and another in print? Even though computers and printers work together, they interpret and output color in two entirely different ways. After all, computers represent color digitally, and printers use ink. To add an extra layer of complication, individual computer screens can show colors differently. So, the color you see on your computer screen is not necessarily the same color you will see on another screen…. and, if you really want to dig into the science: Colors even can cast a different hue in different lighting conditions.

In addition, because there is no white ink in this particular type of image transfer, any white areas of a design will apply as clear. So, if you have special color considerations for your event, please contact for a quote, so you can purchase a sample prior to ordering in bulk.

Supplies Needed

Scissors (for best results), a Sponge or Towel, Water, and a Hair Dryer (optional).

Intended Use

Use of a temporary tattoo is not intended for children under age 12, individuals who are pregnant, nursing, have sensitive skin, or are allergic to medical grade glue. The tattoos are made with medical grade glue and all non-toxic ingredients, but children and pregnant women tend to have more sensitive skin. Under no circumstances will we sell these tattoos if we are aware of an unintended use.