How long will it take for my package to arrive once it’s shipped?

All available shipping methods will be displayed at checkout:
First Class: 3-5 days U.S. / 14-30 days non-U.S. (typical, not guaranteed)
Priority: 2-4 days U.S. / 6-14 days non-U.S. (typical, not guaranteed)
Express: 1-2 days U.S. / 3-5 days non-U.S. (guaranteed* in most areas)

* For Express shipping only: If the carrier does not deliver in time, the postage would be refundable, but please be aware, the custom order would not.

I live outside of the U.S. How much lead time do we need?

We love working with Non-U.S. customers and have done so for years. Most packages typically arrive within 2 weeks of shipment, but from time to time, a shipment will be delayed significantly at Customs, regardless of the carrier or class. Although it only happens approximately 5% of the time, packages may arrive up to 30 days after the shipment date. If you need your order for a specific deadline, we would recommend ordering at least 30 days in advance.