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LaLa’s Party: An Interview with Nessa Jay

I love meeting other indie business owners! It’s so interesting to hear all about the products and passions that drive people to become entrepreneurs. Today, I wanted to share an interview with a fabulous new friend of mine, Nessa Jay. She is the owner and artist behind LaLa’s Party, making pinatas, confetti, and festooning. Her craftsmanship is just incredible, and she has such a great attitude about business. Whether you are looking for inspiration or simply planning a party, I think you will enjoy this peek into Nessa’s world.


Nessa, thank you so much for agreeing to an interview! Can you tell us a little bit about LaLa’s Party and what made you decide to open shop?

Thanks so much for inviting me!

LaLa’s Party is a handmade pinata shop I launched in 2013 from my home in Puerto Rico. I specialize in custom pinatas for unique party themes and decor.

Since high school I made pinatas and other party decor supplies for friends and family as a hobby. About 2 years after graduating from college (and floundering in a terrible job market) my best friend Ginny suggested I take that hobby and turn it into a business. I played with the idea for a little while but about 3 months in I realized I loved it and wanted to pursue it with gusto.

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