Frequently Asked Questions

Turnaround Time

How long will it take to receive my order?

Turnaround time is based on 2 factors: Artwork readiness and the item quantity ordered.

Custom design creation/revision – 1 working day per round of proof
Review your submitted artwork – 1 working day
Production – Typically, 1 working day per 100 item count
Ship time options are available during checkout.

If you have any concerns about your deadline, please contact us prior to placing an order.

Do you accept rush orders?

Yes! Rush orders are considered on a case-by-case basis, and additional fees are not typically applied. Please contact for a quote.


Will you ship via UPS, FedEx, or another carrier?

No. At this time, Buttonhead ships exclusively via USPS. We've priced all of the other major carriers, and USPS offers the best rate for our median package weight.

Can you charge shipping to my corporate account?

At this time, we are unable to charge a shipment to your corporate account. However, we are looking to add this functionality in the near future.

Will my package be insured?

Mailing insurance is available on request, but is typically not included with Buttonhead standard shipping. If you would like to have a package insured, please contact for a quote.

I live outside of the U.S. Will you mark my package as a gift?

Nice try, but no. We are required by law to mark your package as ‘merchandise’ and declare the full value of the order. We will not, under any circumstances, misrepresent the contents or value of a package. Sorry!

Non-U.S. Orders

I live outside of the U.S. How much lead time do we need?

We love working with Non-U.S. customers and have done so for years. Most packages typically arrive within 2 weeks of shipment, but from time to time, a shipment will be delayed significantly at Customs, regardless of the carrier or class. Although it only happens approximately 5% of the time, packages may arrive up to 30 days after the shipment date. If you need your order for a specific deadline, we would recommend ordering at least 30 days in advance.

Order Status

What is my order status?

Upon purchase, you will receive an automated confirmation of your order, and we will be in contact within 1 business day to confirm. You will also receive communication throughout the production process and a final e-mail notification when your order has shipped (with tracking info).

General Business

What are your hours of operation?

8:30am-5pm Central Time
We are closed weekends and U.S. holidays.

What is the best way to reach you?

E-mail! Just use the contact form on this website. Most messages are responded to within 1 working day.

Can I stop by your studio or meet you somewhere to pick up my order?

We would so love to meet you, but at this time we must decline direct pick-ups and meet-ups. Sorry!

Hey, what type of button machine do you use, and where can I get one?

All of our button making equipment and supplies are American made by Tecre, and all can be purchased at


1 free design set-up?

Absolutely! All orders include print set-up of 1 ready design. We also realize that not everyone is able to create their own artwork, so we offer custom design services as well. If you have an idea for a design, just place your order, and let us take care of the hard part. If you need more than the 1 custom design, just contact for a quote.

Can you use a photo to create my order?

Yes! After placing your order, you can send your photo via this website, and we will set it up for you at no extra charge. If you would need to have custom text added or a modification, just purchase a custom design, and we can take care of that part for you!

I have my own design. Can you template it for me?

We sure can! All orders include print set-up of 1 ready design. So, after you place an order, you can send your finished design, and we will set it up for you at no extra charge.

Can I see a proof before I commit?

All design work begins when an order has been placed. As soon as your order has been received, we will begin working on your design, and you will be able to see (and approve) a final proof prior to production. If you are not satisfied with your design, you can request a refund at any time prior to final approval with no questions asked. 

Can I use many different designs for my order?

Yes! If you download our design templates and set up each page of your order for print, you may use as many different designs as you’d like. As long as your final file is templated and 100% printer-ready, there is no extra charge for using multiple designs. 

How do I use your templates?

All of the info you need is available right here, including text instructions and even a video tutorial. If you have a copy of Photoshop and basic design skills, you will have no trouble at all setting up your artwork. If the idea of ‘layers’ makes your head spin, just contact us for a quote on setting up the artwork for you. Don’t struggle for days with something that we could easily help with for a minimal fee.

How will my image colors look in print?

If you’re not already familiar with the topic, please read my article on Digital Print Color Management prior to submission. If you have special print considerations, it’s important to control your workflow and for us to communicate early. Please feel free to contact us any time.

Do you keep my artwork on file?

Yes. All artwork remains on-file for 1 year for easy reordering. 

Do you use my artwork in any way?

No, absolutely not. I do not reproduce or reuse your images in any way, shape, or form.

Can you create a custom temporary tattoo design for me?

Typically, yes! To get started, first you’ll need a solid idea of your design and the fee for creation of custom tattoo art. Custom tattoo art design pricing starts at $55 (which is in addition to the cost of the actual temporary tattoo(s) and shipping). Just use the contact form on this website to e-mail me your idea, along with the desired size and quantity for a quote.