Buttons, Magnets, and Mirrors

File submissions must be page layout and 100% printer-ready. Please watch the video tutorial below and review the README file included with the download.

Download .PSD Button Templates:

1 inch

1.5 inch

2.25 inch

Button Design Video Tutorial:

How To Design a Button in Photoshop (Video 2013)

Temporary Tattoos and Stickers:

Buttons can be a little tricky to design because they are 3D, but designing your own tattoo or sticker is so easy, there is no template needed! Just create/size your file in the width/height of the item you will be ordering (with a minimum resolution of 300dpi). If you are ordering stickers, also keep in mind that square and rectangle shapes have a rounded corner with a .125” radius.

Example: If you are ordering a 2 inch sticker, just create your file at 2”x2” with a .125” corner radius and a resolution of 300dpi. Easy!

Additional Resources:

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